Getting Started

Q: Why do Evolved pen barrels have visible layer lines and air bubbles?
A: Rest assured, the presence of layer lines and air bubbles in our pen barrels is a natural outcome of the 3D printing process, reflecting the unique craftsmanship of our products. These are inherent to the 3D printing process and should not be considered as defects.


Q: Why does each pen barrel look slightly different from the others? What about the clarity of the barrels?
A: Each of our pen barrels is meticulously hand-polished by our skilled team, resulting in minor variations between individual barrels. This personalized touch adds to the unique character of each pen. It's important to note that these differences are not indicative of defects.



Q: Can I use shimmer ink in my Hex pen?

A: We advise against using shimmer inks in the future. Shimmer inks, while visually appealing, tend to have a higher likelihood of clogging nibs and may require more frequent cleaning. Since our pen barrel is 3D printed, there are some very fine printing layers and shimmer particles may stick to the ink reservoir wall, making it more difficult to clean.


Q: What type of ink should I use?

A: Our personal recommendation would be water-soluble ink. We would specifically suggest avoiding Noodler's ink to prevent staining the barrel. However, we understand that there are many great fountain pen inks out there. If you prefer to explore other options, we recommend looking for a water-soluble ink.


Q: Why is my pen staining?

A: The 3D printing process used to create our pen barrels results in inherent layer lines. Strong dyes from certain inks may adhere to the surface of the ink reservoirs, potentially leading to staining. Due to the wide variety of inks in the market, it's impossible for us to test all the inks. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that one of the inks will stain. 


General Care

Q: Should I empty the ink from my pen when it is not in use?

A: Yes please. Be sure to clear out the ink from the pen when not in use to prevent the ink from drying out. Since colour dyes in ink are quite strong, if sitting in the barrel for prolonged periods of time, the dye could stain the printing layers of the barrel. Unfortunately, this is hard to completely avoid on 3D printed barrels.


Q: Uh-oh! I may have damaged my pen. What should I do?

A: Accidents happen! If you find that the nib is damaged, you can grab a replacement nib unit directly from us, or choose a standard size nib unit from your favourite supplier.

Should you encounter damage to other parts of your pen, reach out to us, and we'll do our best to assist you. Please keep in mind that our stock availability may influence our ability to help, and there may be an additional cost for replacements, along with shipping charges.


Q: Should I apply silicone grease on the threads?

A: Great question! Our pens are designed with o-rings on the threads that come in contact with the ink, ensuring a leak-free experience. So, there's no need to worry about applying silicone grease. However, if you prefer an extra layer of precaution, feel free to do so. It's completely okay if you want to play it safe!


Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: We ship internationally (to most countries)! When you proceed to check-out, you'll be able to see the shipping cost specifically for your region. If you don’t see any available shipping options to your region, please reach out to us. We strive to bring our 3D printed fountain pens to as many corners of the world as possible!


Q: Why am I being charged for customs and duties?

A: These fees are imposed by certain countries as part of their laws and trade agreements governing imported products. To obtain more detailed information about these charges and whether they apply to your situation, we recommend visiting your local government website. They will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding customs and duties policies in your country.


Q: Help! I accidentally provided a wrong shipping address.

A: Don't fret! Please shoot us an email at info@hexpens.com right away. If your order hasn't been shipped yet, there's a chance we can correct the address before it's on its way.

In the event that your order has already been shipped to the address you provided and it ends up getting returned to us, you'll be responsible for covering the cost of reshipping. However, if you prefer to cancel your order instead, we will refund you for the products, minus the original shipping charges and a 5% administrative charge of item value.

Please note that if your order is shipped to an incorrect address provided at the time of purchase and is not retrievable, we regretfully cannot offer reimbursement in such cases.


Return & Refund

Q: How can I return my purchased item?

A: We are here to assist you. You have a window of 7 calendar days from the date you received your order to initiate a return. Please note that returning the entire writing instrument is mandatory for all returns.

As part of our return policy, we do not accept returns for items that have been damaged due to user negligence or improper use.

To ensure a smooth return process, kindly ensure that the product is in the same condition as when you received it, with the original packaging and receipt intact. Additionally, please initiate the return from the original region to which your order was shipped. Prior to sending the product back, please reach out to us so we can guide you through the return procedure.

It's important to note that you will be responsible for covering the shipping costs associated with returning the item, and unfortunately, any shipping costs incurred are non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Q: Is it necessary to use a trackable shipping service for returning my order?

A: When returning an item valued at over USD50, we strongly recommend using a trackable shipping service or opting for shipping insurance. We want to ensure that your return reaches us safely. Please note that we unfortunately cannot take responsibility for any lost parcels during the delivery process, so using a trackable shipping service provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.


Q: How long does it take to process my refund?

A: After we receive and inspect your return, we will promptly notify you regarding the approval or rejection of your refund within 7 business days. Once approved, your refund will be processed using the original payment method for security purposes. For more information on the refund process specific to your payment method, we recommend contacting your payment method provider directly. Rest assured, we strive to ensure a timely and hassle-free refund experience for our valued customers.