Custom Design
Custom Design
Custom Design

Custom Design


Custom design without inlay: USD389

Custom design with inlay: USD409


The reservoir can be any character you want. In addition, a dual-word reservoir can be created, where viewing the pen from different angles can show different words. Below is a video of this.


A custom pen where the design of the reservoir can be customized into anything you desire. It is recommended that less than 10 small (English) characters are used for the reservoir. If you have any special design requests or any questions about the ordering process, please feel free to message us. Please note that the creation of a custom pen will take at least 14 working days, but is highly dependent on the specific customer requests. Below is the ordering process for a custom design.

Ordering Process

1. Preliminary Consultation

Discussion of your design idea.

2. Pay Deposit

Please either select "Deposit (without inlay)" or "Deposit (with inlay)" depending on your needs.

3. Preliminary Design

Sketch of the design is created. After the customer approval of the sketch, the 3D-model is created.

4. First Prototype

3D-print the first prototype of your design to test for ink flow and real-world aesthetics.

5. Final Payment

After the approval of the prototype, the final payment is made. Please select the "Final Payment" button.

6. Final Product

Creation and shipment of the final product.